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Live Events
AB612 4K Multi Zone
AB512 HD Multi Zone
AB4000 4K
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AB1000 Multizone Fiber Multiplexer
Wireless Teleprompter & Video Return
Fiber Coverage Extender

About ABonAir



ABonAir designs and markets wireless video systems in broadcast quality for professional camera and production teams worldwide.  Our systems transmit video content from cameras to OB vans or control rooms using microwave technology. ABonAir’s wireless video broadcast solutions are specially designed and used for sports, electronic newsgathering (ENG), outdoor sports, reality shows, entertainment, live events and video assist.

Our customers include TV channels, news broadcasters, production companies, rental houses, and system integrators. We deliver systems for broadcast professionals through our global network of distributors and resellers, through our headquarters and R&D center in Israel.

Football goals, parachutists’ landings, split-second finishes at the Olympics… sports, news coverage, and reality shows are replete with unrepeatable moments that should never be missed. You can’t afford to fail to catch any thrilling second in your broadcast and you can’t miss even one single pixel. Our unique technology enables us to provide robust and reliable wireless video links and ensure flawless transmission for the entire broadcast session.

ABonAir’s outstanding bi-directional system, superior to anything on the market today, guarantees 100% accurate pictures. If you are a broadcast professional, we invite you to contact us and experience ABonAir for yourself.

NAB 2019 awarded AbonAir with the Product of the Year Award for the wireless Teleprompter and Video Return system. This complete mobile wireless video solution is based on a single link that incorporates a teleprompter, video return, CCU and Intercom. The new system will allow TV production crews to use a wireless camera with its functionalities (as with a wired camera), not neglecting any feature that is essential for a tier-1 broadcaster production.

For the first time ever, there is a product that enables the production crew a mobile wireless production of the highest quality with all the functionalities that exist in a high-end professional camera, including video, audio, CCU, Teleprompter, Intercom Tally, Video Return and more.

ABonAir Logo PNG.png

16767 Bernardo Center Drive

Suite L1-270572
San Diego California 92128

(858) 923-6013​

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