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PMG | Paradigm Marketing Group

Services that We Provide...

PMG staff are all broadcast industry veterans, from 360 Systems, Abekas Video Systems, Ciprico, Discrete Logic, Fujinon Broadcast Optics, Grass Valley Group, Silicon Graphics, Panasonic and Sony Broadcast, each with decades of experience supporting the broadcast and professional audio and video industries.​

PMG takes a very consultative and highly technical approach to our work. We place a great value on customer satisfaction and strive to deliver exceptional customer service in all aspects of the work we do. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial and enduring relationships with our customers and manufacturers alike.​

Sales Consultation

PMG supports design & engineering consultants, professional systems dealers & integrators as well as some limited "manufacturer-direct" customers.  PMG is generally regarded by our represented manufacturers as an "Extension" of their direct sales force.

Dealer and End-User Training

PMG representatives are “factory trained” for the products that we represent. We can provide sales training with dealer sales & technical staff on-site, in a "Lunch & Learn" format or "product specific" one on one training for end-users.
PMG can also arrange virtual, web-based training if preferred.

Trade Show Support

PMG is eager to participate in dealer shows and technology events. We also like to participate and present at SBE & SMPTE meetings as well as other industry regional events with manufacturer specific technologies or full-line exhibits.

Project Registration Management

PMG values unrestricted fair-trade as much as anybody, but we also understand that our channel partners invest valuable resources, intellectual property, and extensive design and engineering efforts into their projects.

We will actively pursue obtaining project registration authorization from our manufacturers in the form of additional "discounts" when our products are specified in your projects, to help guard your margins against predatory pricing from sales organizations that have "no skin in the game".

Order Logistics & Management

PMG understands the importance of keeping our channel partner’s sales staff out meeting customers & prospects, closing business, and not wasting time tracking down pricing for a job, chasing product availability information or tracking a shipment. Engage PMG’s support team and let us leverage our factory resources to provide that information for you accurately & efficiently.

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