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AB1000 – Multizone Fiber Multiplexer

The Unique Solution for Sports & Live Broadcasting Events in Multi-venue sites

ABonAir’s AB1000TM  is a sophisticated fiber Multiplexer that aggregates transmission from 7 zones or venues!

AB1000 successfully facilitates the coverage of complex live events taking place in large venues or within dispersed multiple zones


When it comes to the transmission of broadcasts of more than one zone and multiple cameras, the one receiver per venue/zone is a technical and logistics challenge for universities.

ABonAir’s innovative AB1000TM solution enables the coverage of live events on dispersed locations found on one large venue like university campus and controlled from a central location. With this new topography, each zone transmits via an FCE, and all FCEs are connected to a main control panel the AB1000TM which is connected to a single Receiver. Both the AB1000TM and the Receiver are located in the control room or OB van.

With the AB1000TM, it is now possible to cover all university venue. No need to run new fiber optics and spend extras. Broadcasts can run on existing infrastructure, in one place and bring more choices and excitement to the audience!



• Large area and multi zone coverage with a single AB1000TM panel
• Dispersed multi-venue coverage, all with a single AB1000TM in a single control room
• Utilizing existing infrastructure of fiber optics


• Maintains full systems’ features, including 7 msec delay, CCU, Teleprompter, Video Return etc.
• Connects to all ABonAir’s 1U products (AB612, AB512)
• Picture quality – HD and 4K
• Star and/or daisy chain configuration support
• Quick and easy automatic setup with no manual intervention
• Capable of aggregation broadcasts from 7 zones simultaneously
• Fiber-optic based connectivity


• Large Sport Stadiums (Major League and University Stadiums)
• News and DSNG
• Race Track Events (Horse, Car Racing, Golf)

AB1000 Diagram.jpg
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