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Wireless Teleprompter and Video Return System

Wireless Teleprompter and Video Return System

ABonAir’s mobile wireless video solution incorporates in a single link a teleprompter, video return, CCU and Intercom. The new system allows TV production crews to use a wireless camera with all its functionalities (as with a wired camera) and not neglecting any feature that is essential for a tier-1 broadcaster production.

Such an integrated solution is a technological breakthrough. It gives broadcasters, especially in multi-camera productions more confidence in using wireless camera systems and empowers cameraman.

The system is composed of two units: one 1U main input unit located at the broadcast or media center the enables the return video, text (for teleprompter) or data links to the cameraman and a small unit with the cameraman to receive the links

For the first time ever, there is a product that enables the production crew a mobile wireless production of the highest quality with all the functionalities that exist in a high-end professional camera, including video, audio, CCU, Teleprompter, Intercom Tally, Video Return and more.

Main features:

• Full Support of 2 simultaneous video channels (teleprompter and video or 2 video channels)
• Integrated solution in ABonAir’s systems
• Teleprompter and video resolution – up to 1080i60
• Use same frequency as main video link
• No need for additional antenna, radio etc.
• Supports AB512 and AB612 systems
• Upgrade kit is available for current installed base

Use cases:

• Broadcasting studios
• Electronic News Gathering (ENG)
• Premier live events

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