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TecPodium Lite

TecPodium Lite - Simple Answer to Complex Classroom Technology

TecPodium Lite - a solution so simple it should eradicate

teacher’s struggle with advanced technology alltogether.

TecPodium Lite is a complete solution for any classroom,

boardroom and training room. Quick to install, the

TecPodium Lite features a true plug and play capability. It

can be installed in new or existing facilities, requiring only

power and reducing TCO.

TecPodium Lite utilizes a unique SFF PC has an energyconscious design including up to 90% efficient powersupply, a slim chassis, and powerful technology and


The TecPodium Lite can easily be connected to a video

conference or a lecture capture system, recording or

streaming system for broadcasts and recording directly

from the smart classroom.

The entire solution is supported by a single source and

offers superb operation, peace of mind, high impact

presentations and extraordinary cost-effectiveness.

Tecom is a leading manufacturer of classroommulti-media

podiums and AV lecterns and can accommodate your

different needs of any room in yourfacility.

TecPodium Lite is an “out-of-the-box” solution, easy to install and use.
TecPodium Lecterns have been installed worldwide in
some of the best schools and universities, colleges,
corporate, military, civic training centers and are up and
running for over 20 years while receiving great reviews
from instructors and student’s alike for ease of use and
remarkable durability.
TecPodium Lite Features
  • Stylish and compact lectern.
  • Steel structure and stable base.
  • Pre-wired and integrated “out of the box” solution.
  • User friendly, pre-programmed, projector control system with integrated HD switching and scaling system.
  • High-end PC with high resolution digital outputs for high-quality visual presentations.

  • The PC interfaces with the institutions/ organizations’ network, connects to the internet and includes DVD player.

  • 21.5” High-Resolution Screen on a unique adjustable mount.
  • USB Connections, Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Laptop connectivity with both HDMI and VGA Ports.
  • AC Power Outlet.
  • Power Amplifier and Integrated Speaker.
  • HDMI and VGA outputs to any projector or external display.
  • No programming required for easy and quick installation.
Available Options
  • High-Resolution Multi-Touch Display.

  • Wire Harness

  • Wheels

  • Wall Box

  • More...

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