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Broadcast Syndication


The World’s Only Fully Automated, File-Based, Syndicated Content Acquisition, Prep, and Playout System.
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Our value proposition is simple: cut time and reduce operator errors by 95%. Instead of taking 2 hours to transfer a one hour show, ARAMYST will do it in 10 minutes.

NVerzion’s breakthrough product, ARAMYST eliminates file transcoding, the need for low resolution proxies, manual segmenting, manual trimming, manual renaming for traffic, eliminates a 3rd party software/hardware keyer for inserting local bugs, and, most importantly, eliminates operator error. You’ll never have to run an “evergreen” segment again because the operator didn’t finish prep work.


Syndicated content playout has evolved beyond complex schemes of transcoding, transferring, manual editing, and segmenting, into to a simple, one box automated solution.

ARAMYST is a one-of-a-kind file based acquisition, prep, and playout system, 
merged with advanced automation and built in quality control. At the heart of 
this system is a four channel NFinity broadcast video server, ready to playout any 
major video file in its native format. 

ARAMYST builds on this solid platform with an automated method to prepare 
syndicated television programs at an individual station while handling editing 
features such as squeezed credits and multi-barter overrides. In addition, it 
provides a quick and efficient method to perform quality control without the 
need for additional video server ports or low resolution proxies. 

ARAMYST interfaces with the content delivery system, using meta-data to 
determine when and where media is to be delivered, making a physical cut sheet 
and manually set “timings” unnecessary.

ARAMYST uses configurable rules to acquire and organize content according to 
the traffic system’s naming convention. It knows when to transfer content, when 
to delete, and automatically segments and prepares media for the air. 

ARAMYST can automatically schedule station bug insertion, ensuring that it 
goes on during programming and turns off five seconds before and during 
barter segments. 

ARAMYST can connect to any existing Automation System With industry standard VDCP communication, ARAMYST can be integrated into your existing Master Control environment as an extension or as a dedicated syndicated content playout device.

ARAMYST will allow your station to find opportunities for bonus revenue
Overwrite credits, and add an additional local commercial into a squeeze credit

ARAMYST uses NFinityView 

NFinityView is a windows-based Prep Tool that allows you to preview video directly from the server without tying up extra video ports. It allows you to edit segments, trim points, and add bugs in an easy to use graphical

NVerzion has been designing automation systems for the broadcast industry 
for over 30 years. This product is the culmination of years of experience, spent 
engineering to our customer’s requirements, in finding a cost-effective 
solution to the most challenging problem a station faces today.

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