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Why Choose Tessera?

Tessera is a light-weight and cost-effective enterprise asset management system leveraging the power of hierarchical data and relationships. It’s unique design allows it to adapt to all industries and is fully integrated into Mosaic to provide seamless control of all assets within your facility or across your entire organization. Track and automate the entire asset lifecycle, track services and reprovision networks at the touch of a button.


Tessera has been designed from the ground up to be flexible and to adapt to you changing data needs.

Enterprise Architecture

Tessera is a multi-user, multi-tenant system which allows multiple stakeholders to model and manage their data within an enterprise system


Nothing in life is static. Tessera was built upon the understanding that things change. Tessera can adapt and evolve with changing data and business needs

Open Integration

Tessera supports a comprehensive open API allowing a wide range of integration. Hook Tessera into your wider ecosystem to manage data across all systems.

What can Tessera do for you?
Asset Management

Do you know how many spares you have? Where devices are physically located? What devices are within the RMA process or what devices are on loan?

Track all aspects of you assets, from location to assigned purpose quickly and easily with Tessera.

Inventory Management

Assets tend to be fixed while Inventory is ever changing. Track inventory and inventory levels with Tessera and never get caught short again.

Service Planning

Don’t just react to changes in your network. Take control and actively schedule changes using Tessera’s scheduling features. Create and manage change sets and schedule when and if the changes go live.

Validate changes happened when they were supposed to happen and email stakeholders when they don’t. Tessera’s powerful scheduling and data management tools make it easy to plan for changes within your data.

SLA Management

Manage SLAs, service contracts and maintenance contracts all in one place. Tessera’s flexible data structures allow for the capture, management and reporting on all aspects of the data associated with your service, assets, sites and other property.

Quickly and easily access related information at the click of a button.

Still managing data via spreadsheets?

With flexible data structures that can evolve with your system, complex relationships and data validation Tessera provides the tools you need to manage all aspects of you business.

Open APIs

Connect and access your data via our open and extensive API. Tessera plays well with others and our easy-to-use APIs allows Tessera to be integrated into your overall ecosystem. In today’s complex systems it is important that all systems are interconnected, that’s why Tessera allows both inbound and outbound controlled data access.

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