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Broadcast Time Delay


Flexible, cost-effective, and reliable solution for addressing
variable programming delays.
NVerzion Time-Delay.jpg

NDelay™ is a versatile tool designed by NVerzion to optimize on-air 
programming delays, including censorship. Available in single or dual channel 
configurations, SD or HD time-delay system, broadcasters can automatically 
create programming delays, ranging from a few seconds to hours, all while 
simultaneously recording content.

As part of an end-to-end file-based workflow...

  • NDelay maximizes operational efficiencies and cost savings for broadcasters while ensuring a superior quality of experience for viewers.

  • NDelay is the ideal solution for broadcast, education, government, and corporate markets.

  • NDelay supports start and stop functions for Rocky Mountain minute situations.

  • NDelay supports fixed time delay and/ or manual delayed playout of
    SD or HD content for increased flexibility.

  • NDelay's user-friendly graphical user interface simplifies setup of time delays.

  • NDelay's single-frame precision ensures a seamless on-air broadcast.

  • NDelay supports uncompressed or MPEG encoded content,  content can be delayed for as little as a single frame up to several hours.

  • NDelay's Hardware and software-based system features a robust 3RU  rackmount Enterprise Server Class Platform.

  •  NDelay Supports both NTSC and PAL television standards.

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