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About FutureVideo

FutureVideo’s products have been used in aerospace, law 
enforcement, sports, behavioral studies, criminal justice, military, 
event videography, training, education, courtrooms, and many other 
applications. Clients have included Panasonic, TEAC, BF Goodrich, 
Olympus, Adelphia, Pinnacle, Canopus, UC Berkeley, Cornell 
University, University of London, NEP, the District of Columbia Courts 
of Appeal, Regeneron, ASCAP, and others.

Since its founding in 1986, FutureVideo has developed innovative 
products for video, audio, and multimedia control applications. Various 
patents, awards for excellence, and “industry firsts” have accrued. 
These attest to the company’s commitment to shattering performance 
envelopes while raising the bar for value and ease-of-use.

The second decade of the new century saw FutureVideo investing 
thousands of engineering hours to re-invent the DVR. The result was 
the V-Station HD range of multi-channel video recording/streaming 
systems. Their proprietary “project-based” workflow design altered 
multi-cam paradigms for creative and non-creative video applications

In 2014, FutureVideo launches industry’s 1st multi-channel DVR systems (V-Station HD) with proprietary project-based workflow for creative and 
non-creative users in Business, Industry, Academia, and 

By 2022, FutureVideo transitions from turn-key V-Station HD systems to 
4K/UHD and FHD Capture Packages with optional plug-in 
enhancements for its Project Media Management (PMM) software, 
enabling Systems Integrators and AV/Data Contractors to configure
custom solutions around them that directly match client applications.

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28202 Cabot Road

Suite 300

Laguna Niguel, California 92677 USA

(949) 363-1286​

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