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Flex Control Network
Universal Switch Panels
Anywhere Interface Box
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IP Control Buddy
DDR & Server Controllers
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Newsroom MOS
Tally Manager

About DNF Controls

DNF designs, manufactures, and delivers trusted human-to-machine and machine-to-machine control solutions – enterprise-wide and application-specific – and we’ve been doing it for more than 27 years!


We were known for standalone controllers early on, but today’s DNF has far more to offer. For example, we’re the device control backbone at 30 Rock and recently supplied ingest management for 64 channels each in Rio and New England for NBC’s coverage of the summer Olympics. Elsewhere, DNF enables on-air tally management across multiple control rooms, studios and facilities, in multiple cities, for the PAC-12 Network.


Our gear can be found at most broadcast, studio, and field production facilities; typically, in a backroom, quietly and reliably powering an efficient workflow.


DNF provides a broad range of scalable solutions for:

  • SCTE Generation, Switching and distribution  

  • Real-time DPI Signal Monitoring

  • Studio and Remote Tally Management

  • Device Delegation

  • Primary, Back-Up & Break-In Signal Routing

  • Disaster Recovery

  • Production Devices  

  • Remote Device Control

  • On-Air Playout

  • On Air Branding  

  • Emergency Override

  • Ingest

  • and much more


We have four major product families: • Flex Control Network® • Universal Switch Panel • AnyWhere Interface Box, and • IP Control Buddy™.

All our systems employ standardized hardware and software platforms. They can be deployed individually or combined to scale from a single user to an integrated, high device-density, enterprise-wide solution. Web browser menus permit operators to easily configure the system to meet specific facility requirements – no programmer needed − then expand and modify as workflows evolve. 

DNF “plays well” with all major − and most minor − equipment providers. We add devices, protocols, and functionality to satisfy specific customer needs and as our industry adopts new equipment and standards. And, we develop and enhance our products with input from customers to save them time, stay on budget and get the job done. 

DNF Controls Logo PNG.png

DNF Controls
19770 Bahama Street
Northridge California 91324

(818) 898-3380​

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