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V-Station HD PostTools Software

V-Station HD PostTools(TM) is a PC-based software application which allows you to do many of the post editing tasks offline for projects originally recorded on a V-Station HD Studio series, Pro4 series, or Producer series system. In many cases, you won't even need to use other video editing software (NLE) to edit the project. In fact, you can create a multicam program video using up to 8 videos at a time that were recorded synchronously on any V-Station HD system. PostTools also let you do logging, make sub-clips, extract audio, merge clips, and output in various formats to send to a USB drive, LAN, YouTube, or your website using the built-in FTP uploader. It's the quickest way to get your production edited and reviewed. PostTools includes Multi-View® synchronized player, AutoProducer® editor, event logger, clip browser, and all the media management features of a V-Station HD system. V-Station HD systems provide a “one-click” way to transfer your projects to PostTools.

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Why V-Station HD PostTools

Once the video recording phase of your V-Station HD project is 
finished, you’ll need to explore, evaluate, edit, and then distribute the 
content. With a click of a button, simply transfer the V-Station HD 
project to a PC running PostTools. Now, you and your creative team 
can review the footage, recreate the shoot with up to 8 camera 
angles, make line cuts, and log your notes. Encode in different 
formats, resolution, and frame rates and you can then upload the
edited reel to your FTP sites, Send to a LAN, or USB Jump drive, or
upload to YouTube. All this—and more—can be done efficiently on
compatible PCs running Windows 7 or 10 x64 operating systems.

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Familiar Interface & Simple-To-Transfer Projects

PostTools incorporates the same user interface design and features found in our V-Station HD Multi-Channel Recording Systems & Packages—except for the capture functions. All the project’s clips, line-cuts, metadata including playlists, logs, shot lists, and edit decision lists are easily transferred over to PostTools in a simple and easy step.

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V-Station HD Project-based Workflow—Offline

Feature-rich PostTools software allows users—and colleagues—to seamlessly continue with the project after recording is completed. This is just some of what can be accomplished:


  • Import Projects (clips, playlists, logs, EDLs, & metadata) from V-Station HD.

  • Review & Log Events with description for any frame.

  • Re-create the live shoot with synchronized play back with Multi-View®.

  • Perform line-cuts with AutoProducer® while playing back & then render into different formats, resolutions, and frame rates.

  • Segment original video clips into separate sub-clips.

  • Make proxies for low-resolution use.

  • Extract embedded audio from clips into separate audio files.

  • Replace audio into line cuts (ADR) or original footage.

  • Upload results to YouTube or FTP sites.

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Synchronized Playback Of Recorded Clips

The Multi-View® media player will synchronously play back all your 
clips showing each angle as they were originally shot.

Re-Cut Original Footage

You can perform virtual live switching, but at your pace, between 
camera angles to create as many alternate line-cut versions as 
needed for your project or your client without other editing software.

Seamless Project Transfer To Leading Editing Software

With a mouse click, V-Station PostTools projects can be transferred 
to your editing software. The clips will be automatically organized into 
bins and sequences (generated from the EDL)—already 
synchronized. No more tedious hours trying to locate the desired shot
or clip. Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Vegas Pro are supported.

Play back (at various speeds) any of the projects’ clips and step 
forward or backward frame-by-frame. Pull up the playlist by project 
and review your footage. Add notations for key events—at any frame
position—for immediate access to marked events.

Full-Featured Clip Media Player & Clip Library Browser
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